I am currently planning my first painting series, and for this I need your help! 

I am looking for stories from and about women on the theme of inner transformation and transcendence. 

I have always been fascinated by questions such as “Can a person really change?” and “How much are we able to shape and change our personal realities?”

So I am looking for stories from women who have experienced a radical shift in their inner world and perspective. Wether it has been instant, gradual, self initiated or happened as the side effect of an event, or influence of other people. A shift that has impacted the way they have lived their lives. 

I am looking for stories with a distinct before and after perspective, descriptions of what was different and how the world (or your personal reality) is seen, felt and experienced as different. 

The paintings will use the stories to create a sort of mythological/fairytale-esque metaphor of the stories. Some paintings may use inspiration for several stories! Though the paintings will very much reinterpreted and heighten the original material I would love for them to have the essence of a true story! 

Sources will very much remain anonymous (i.e. it’s not going to be portraits of the individuals!), also to illustrate the point that most stories aren’t individual, they tend to repeat themselves in many many lives.

You can write to me, send me a voice memo, film yourself talking, or we can schedule a call. (You can remain anonymous if you wish!).

for examples of my work: www.miahawk.co.uk or instagram: MiaSkyHawkMy email is: miahaw@gmail.com

The funding page will go live in early June. Project to be created in July and August.
Link to come soon! 


Short about the project: 

I am hoping to create a series of 5-8 images over the summer on the theme
Extraordinary Women: Transformation and Transcendence
Short about the theme: 
I love women and I love painting them. I love the softness and the strength in femininity. I love all the different expressions of what it is to be female.

I love hearing peoples stories, stories that are central in a persons life and that also inspires other people. 
The idea of transformation has long fascinated me. I want to explore what it means in the context of internal transformation, focusing it around women’s stories. 
Transcendence for me is taking transformation one step further. The definition of Transcendent is "extending or lying beyond the limits of ordinary experience”.

I’d like to perhaps find stories of women who has perhaps experienced raising to extraordinary circumstances, or having experiences of going beyond who they thought they where.
Examples of the kind of vibe of work I am looking to create: 


The Hunt