About Mia Hawk

Mia Hawk is a Norwegian London-based self taught artist. 

Having always been a creative and pondering soul, the act of creating (with passion) has been at the centre of her life since childhood.

For the past 10 years Mia has worked independently as an artist, painter and designer. She graduated from drama school, worked as an actor musician, before starting up a little business selling her art at markets, fairs and online, and eventually, never looking back.

Most of Mia’s business has been centred online, and around commission works, selling much of her work online, and often selling paintings before they where finished.

Mia has sold weekly at markets for a number of years, including Brick Lane Market, Spitalfields market and Canopy Market. As well as independent markets and fairs, including; London Illustration Fair, Crafty Fox, Pexmas, London Local and Urban Makers.

Previous Art Fairs include: The Other Art Fair, New Artist Fair, Talented Art Fair, Harrogate international art exposition. 
Mia Hawk at the other art fair