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I’m Mia Hawk. Thank you for checking out my website. 

So… How did this all start? 

I wanted to find a way of creating a life for myself that I was passionate about and where I was mainly reliant on myself. 

I have always been a big dreamer. I have to believe to impossible can be done. I have to belive that life is an adventure. When I am 80 years old, I want to look back at my life and think, wow, what a ride!

I would claim that there is always a certain intensity in the images I make, I believe this comes from that. 

I’ve now been running my artist business for the past 4 years, and have sold thousands of t-shirts and prints of my original art work. 

I started from nothing ( no really, I mean nothing). I did not go to art school. I had done a bit of drawing for fun when I was a kid, you know, drawing pokemons on a rainy day, but never too any classes and never really took it that seriously. I started doing very simple animal illustrations. I bought a simple screen printing kit from speed ball. I learnt how to screen print myself. I made basic designs in photoshop, learned how to use it, bought the t-shirts I could afford. I focus on constant improvement and growth. 

The first year I could hardly use more than day on a drawing. Now I use up to two months on a painting. 

One design can take me up to a month to complete, everything is hand drawn either on paper on using a tablet digitally. 

It quickly became important to me as soon as I could afford it to switch to using organic and fair wear garments for my t shirt printing. I believe the current trend of fast fashion is toxic, not just because it is harmful to the environment and people, but also because it makes us value the things that we buy less. We love our clothes less. 

It is an interesting way of working, creating both work that is appealing to the general public that enables me to support myself and work that is created purely as art work, as a contemplation or as a story to be told, without any regard as to how it will be received. 

I love working this way. I try and bridge the gap between the crazy, weird and uncensored art that comes from my wildest imagination to more popular trends that are more people friendly that is wall hangable or wearable by adding my own style and point of view. 

I can only make images I am excited about. Every design or painting I challenge and push myself more. It has been a rewarding way of working; every time the gap between my vision and the final product has become smaller and smaller. I am committed to always be moving forwards, rather, I am committed to following where my excitement takes me, to make what I am enthusiastic about. 

I wanted to create something that not only I enjoyed making, but that inspired other people as well. Something that makes people react and engage. To stop and look, in both my paintings and designs. 

....I hope you enjoy it!



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