Starting a large skeleton oil painting.

Starting a large skeleton oil painting.

Skeleton oil paintingI haven't worked in oil consistently for around 2 years. 

I loved doing figurative work in oils for the buttery smooth blending and textures. 
Oils really allow you to work in a very different way to acrylics. 

I love both! I actually started to get pretty good at acrylic blending in the past 1-2 years. But oils offer something a bit different! 

I picked my oils up again in June, when I painted a large Panda Skull Painting for the other art fair. And it was really joyful. The paint just behaves in a totally different way. 

I've long wanted to make larger pieces. I've got an exhibition coming up last weekend off October at Canopy Market, and thought that was the perfect time to make some bigger pieces. 

So it's time to experiment! 
I currently have two large paintings planned and on the go. This one in oils and one in acrylics. 

I'm not completely sure what it's going to look like when it's finished, but I wanted to see if I could find a good way to use my more realistic oil techniques in one of my  skeleton painting. It's actually such a different experience painting abstract with oils in comparison to acrylics. 

I notice that the acrylic paintings have much more sectioned colours, due to the nature of the paints, whilst oils abstract it's easier to make the colours bleed and blend into one another, simply because of the longer trying time. 

And for some reason the more cartoony elements that I can add with acrylics, and the fact that I often use marker pens and write on those paintings, doesn't seem to fit in the same way. Though I want the same feel. 

SO I am really in unmapped territory here. 

It's both exciting, and... slightly putting me on edge! As entering the unknown should be I guess! 

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