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Mia Hawk

Panda Pear Wooden Pin

Panda Pear Wooden Pin

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About the Panda Pear: 

Grows on a very rare pear tree, that usually only grows above 2000m altitude. Very specific conditions must be met before this tree will grow; the soil must have the right mineral richness. It usually only grows leaning ever so slightly south. 
The pear is known for its unusual taste. Very sweet and juicy, with a liquorice aftertaste. 

About Pins


These mega cute pins are made from a metal blend, and have a slightly textured feel. Hard wearing and long lasting. 

Comes on a cute backing card with a butterfly clutch for fastening. 


Digital print on wood. Super crips details and stunning colours! Light weight and durable. Like wearing a tiny art work. 
Fastened with a rubber stopper on the back. 

Pin them on bags 🎒, hats 🧢, blazers 👔, jumpers 👕 or use them in less conventional ways - for example; pin them on your notice board 📌

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Height: 5 cm from Bottom to top of stem

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