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Mia has worked with the arts and creativity since a young age. She practiced drawing as a child, but gave it up in her teens to pursue drama and acting. 
Mia has a BA (hons) degree in actor musicianship from Rose Bruford College ( She also plays the trombone and trumpet and has a long history of playing in Brass Bands). 
It was only a few years later after completing university Mia decided to return to drawing and painting. She is entirely self taught.



2016 Voted Artist of the Year, New Artist Fair 2016, Turman Brewery/Brick Lane

2014 Ruth Borchard Self Portrait Competition. 


Art Fairs/Exhibitions

2016 The London Illustration Fair, The Bargehouse, South Bank. 

2016 New Artist Fair, Turman Brewery/Brick Lane

2016 SHE, Curated Group Exhibition by Sweet Art,  Exploring themes of Femininity, feminine identity and issues faced by women worldwide.

2015 Hand Made, Curated Group Exhitibon by Sweet Art, exploring the themes of femininity, feminine identity and women’s day, Hoxton Arches Gallery, 

2015 Harrogate International Art Exposition

2015 New Artist Fair,

2013 Solo exhibition, Ruby & Norm, Lewisham. 


Mia has been selling regularly at Brick Lane Market since 2013, as well as having done a range of other fair/market events. 

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